First Commercial Boat to Harness Nauti-Craft Suspension System


Published Apr 19, 2021 3:32 PM by The Maritime Executive

Nauti-Craft Pty Ltd is delighted to announce that a new deal has been signed with long-term partner and German based vessel operator, designer and boat building group, Offcon GmbH and Wallaby Boats GmbH.

The move gives Offcon and Wallaby first right of refusal to global exclusivity to nauti-craft™ patented marine suspension technology for the range of boats in their license. This means that Offcon and Wallaby investors now have security around the license, and as a result, financing to build the first Wallaby boat.

Nauti-Craft’s game-changing technology was put to the test in rough seas at Dunsborough in the south of Western Australia in 2015. Soon after this Wallaby Boats GmbH’s Harald Hübner and Steffen Staudenmaier took a test ride on Nauti-Craft’s demonstrator "2 Play”. One test was all it took!

Harald and Steffen were onboard with the technology. The performance of Nauti-Craft’s 8.5m boat enabled them to punch headlong into 1.2m choppy waves at over 30 knots effortlessly.

Wallaby Boats GmbH will be the first original equipment manufacturer globally to produce commercial boats using the Nauti-Craft suspension system with exclusive rights to the Nauti-Craft patent. The deal accelerates production of the first Wallaby boats and ensures further headway is made with the planned production of a full range of small commercial craft. These include high performance daughter craft, crew transfer vessel, pilot boats and small workboats.

The Wallaby-18 is being produced in Germany and composite parts produced for the Wallaby-16 and the Wallaby-14 by Tuco Marine from Fåborg in Denmark.

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