Fincantieri Shipyards Celebrate Second-Year “Green” Certification

Fincantieri Marine Group
Matteo Cremona, Fincantieri Marine Group Project Manager accepts the “Green” Certification from David Bolduc, President of Green Marine at the Green Marine GreenTech Conference in Seattle.

Published Jun 30, 2023 9:40 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Fincantieri Marine Group]

Last week Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) and Fincantieri ACE Marine (FAM) received recognition for their continued efforts in environmental sustainability at the Green Marine GreenTech conference in Seattle.

Green Marine is a voluntary environmental certification program that encourages maritime enterprises to adopt measurable actions that go beyond regulatory obligations. For Fincantieri Marine Group, joining Green Marine was an easy decision. Both Wisconsin shipyards were the first in the state to join.

For their second-year certification both Fincantieri shipyards demonstrated high-level performance and commitment to reducing air pollutants, spill prevention, storm water and waste management, environmental leadership and community relations. 

“Sustainability remains an important aspect of our company culture,” said Marco Galbiati, CEO of Fincantieri Marine Group. “Continuous improvement extends into how well we respect the water, the ground, and our surrounding communities. We cannot be complacent or accept a ‘good enough’ attitude, and that is a shared perspective among Green Marine participants.”  

Fincantieri Marine Group employees like Makayla Jacobs also have personal reasons to consider when it comes to environmental sustainability. 
"I am a huge outdoorswoman -- hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping – these are huge passions of mine,” said Jacobs, an environmental engineer at the Marinette shipyard. “I think it’s cool to show others that the place where I work also helps support and care for the environment like I do.”

Fincantieri Marine Group continues to analyze, evaluate and implement industry best practices for future investment and implementation in the area of sustainability. FMG also has a strong partner in Fincantieri SpA, their parent company, who is globally renowned for environmental stewardship and their commitment to sustainability.

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