FarSounder Overlays S-57 & S-63 Charts


By The Maritime Executive 2017-09-14 20:59:04

FarSounder’s innovative SonaSoft™ software’s latest release has been upgraded to be compatible with S-57 and S-63 Charts. Anyone using these chart formats is now able to overlay realtime data on their charts using FarSounder’s software and reap the many benefits of its innovative Forward Looking Sonar (FLS).

“The operators of those ships preferring to use S-57 and S-63 charts are important to us. Our team has worked diligently, with the user in mind, to make this option a reality for them,” said Cheryl M. Zimmerman, CEO. 

This software upgrade will provide many more ships the safety of real-time 3D sonar data and the luxury of creating historical bathymetric maps. This will give them a significant amount of navigational awareness that they never had before. It is a game changer for mariners to compare what their chart says is ahead of them to what a FarSounder sonar sees in real time, updating with every ping.

For those already using and loving C-MAP Professional charts, SonaSoft™ is still as easy as it always has been! But now with this upgrade, 21st Century chart navigation is open to many more users. With a one time charge, these mariners can now use and maintain their own S-57 and S-63 charts overlaid with FarSounder data. 

About FarSounder

FarSounder, Inc. is a U.S. based high technology marine electronics manufacturer specializing in underwater acoustics. With unique patented technology, the company has a global customer base of commercial, government, and private sector users. The company is the recognized leader in real time 3D sonar systems and has been selling its flagship navigation and obstacle avoidance systems since 2004. FarSounder's product lines include its Ship Protection System, which followed years of both IR&D and U.S. government funded research. The 2015 Tibbetts Award winning FarSounder Ship Protection System is for those owner/operators who demand the best solutions for assuring the safety of their passengers and crew. The system provides detection, classification, and alarms of underwater threats. Portside, platform, and shore based systems are also available for waterfront security. For more information, see www.farsounder.com.

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