Eyesea Appoints First "At Sea Ambassadors"

(L-R) Capt. Mehmet Mazman, Capt. Saddam Mohiuddin, 2nd Engineer Shreeraj Palkar, Capt. Rogelio Daganta, Capt. Manlio Quartararo.

Published Sep 22, 2021 1:17 AM by The Maritime Executive

Eyesea, the maritime industry-backed pollution reporting platform, has announced the appointment of their first “At Sea Ambassadors”.

Graeme Somerville-Ryan, Eyesea’s founder, said “Shipping is very good as asking seafarers to do hard work, with very little public recognition being given in return. Eyesea is appointing At Sea Ambassadors because seafarers have told us, very clearly, they want to be involved in a personal capacity.

Eyesea’s Foundation At-Sea Ambassadors are Capt. Mehmet Mazman, Capt. Rogelio Daganta, 2nd Engineer Shreeraj Palkar, 2nd Officer Constantin Marius, Capt. Saddam Mohiuddin, 2nd Engineer Charles Morales,  Capt. Sifathaullah Abdul Rahim, Capt. Arturo Pino Selles, and Capt Manlio Quartararo.

Somerville-Ryan said “From the early days of this project the support we have had from seafarers has been nothing short of amazing. Our early volunteers, such as Capt Mehmet Mazman from Oldendorff, Capt Saddam Mohiuddin, and 2nd Officer Constantin Marius at Bernhard Shulte were key to testing the app and cross-checking its performance against onboard navigation systems. They provided advice on user-experience development and gave us early imagery that was both a wonderful and terrible proof of concept.

The At Sea Ambassadors have been either nominated by their companies or have approached Eyesea directly - universally commenting that they see the impact of pollution at sea and want to play a leadership role in protecting the oceans. The group has defined how they see their position developing beyond the critical role of data collection. This will include representing Eyesea to the seafaring community, developing the At Sea Ambassador community and role, encouraging seafarers to play a role in ocean care, and promoting the Eyesea App and ideals in their home communities.

Ignace van Meenen, Eyesea Chair commented “Sitting in an office in Hamburg, Singapore, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Geneva, or Athens it is easy to talk about the importance of environmental protection and coordinated industry action. But that will only ever be talk. It is seafarers who have shown what can and needs to be done. It is seafarers who will make Eyesea a success - we need their leadership - and they have not disappointed.”

Anyone interested in being involved with the Eyesea initiative is encouraged to contact the Eyesea team at [email protected].

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