EU and Waterborne Technology Platform Partner to Promote a Cleaner Sea


Published Jul 14, 2021 2:40 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Elkon]

The European Commission and the Waterborne Technology Platform have established a Co-Programmed Partnership to promote cleaner sea in the EU and worldwide for future generations. 

Elkon, marine electric system integrator based in ?stanbul and Norway, has become the first and only engineering company from Turkey to attend this partnership to accelerate the decarbonization of maritime and minimize all environmental emissions in order to prevent pollution in the seas. elkon is also making an important contribution through reducing carbon emissions with adapting its technology in full electric vessels.

The Waterborne Platform, supported by the European Commission, contributes to the R&D and innovation efforts, resources and promotes the development of zero-emission shipping to eliminate harmful environmental emissions. The Platform aims to develop and demonstrate deployable zero-emission marine solutions which are applicable for all main ship types and services until 2030, and completely achieve zero-emission waterborne transport by 2050.
Expressing that being the only Turkish engineering company, elkon’s participation of this organization led by the European Commission is a great pleasure, Managing Director of elkon, Ertu? Ya?ar, said “As an engineering, R&D and technology company since 1980, we will be very happy to hubbly participate to the design of the the future of maritime transportation. Elkon attaches importance to R&D and innovation activities in order to be a pioneer of the zero emission transformation in the seas. So far, we have contributed to the construction of hundreds of ships with an environmentalist approach, and our momentum will increase with the work of this European non-governmental organization.”

Ertu? Ya?ar stated that zero-emission and decarbonization (thru mostly electrification) are global trends of the world and added “elkon advocates that new ships are being built should be sustainable and compatible with the environment throughout their life cycle. We believe in the importance of electrification and develop energy solutions for hybrid & all-electric ships in the seas for the next generations. We also design value-added sustainable solutions in ship automation systems. We will continue to develop innovative technologies in cooperation with this multinational partnership platform in which we are involved.”

Established as part of the European Research and Innovation Days, The Waterborne Platform will work to eliminate all harmful environmental emissions in waterborne transportation. The European Commission will invest up to 530 million euros for activities within the scope of the partnership.

The European maritime technology sector, container transport companies, research organisations, class societies, associations and academia came together at the Waterborne Platform to achieve these objectives.

“This restructuring is a unique moment for the European shipping industry,” said Henk Prins, The Chairman of the Waterborne Technology Platform. “The partnership will not only foster and accelerate the transition to an environmentally friendly mode of transport, but will also transform the waterborne sector.” 

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