Dometic Introduces Titanium VARCX Chiller at Seawork International

Credit: Dometic

Published Jun 13, 2019 6:39 PM by The Maritime Executive

Dometic is introducing the new titanium VARCX variable capacity chiller at this year’s Seawork International (Stand PG131 and Innovations Showcase). Industry leader Dometic’s HVAC technology has enabled the development of the new chiller with two significant features - corrosion-resistant titanium and variable capacity technology for energy efficiency.

The ground-breaking use of titanium condenser coils increases chiller longevity, ensuring seawater erosion and corrosion caused by marine organic growth are kept to a minimum.

All Dometic VARC chillers adjust capacity output based on the current load demand, maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Unique in the market, the Dometic VARCX uses an advanced loop control algorithm that modulates the compressor speed and balances chiller output with the required load. Its efficient operation keeps noise levels and energy costs to a minimum.

Peter Kruk, President of EMEA, Dometic, said: “The VARCX offers all the efficiency benefits associated with the VARC chiller line, plus the condenser coils made of titanium make the units virtually immune to erosion and corrosion, significantly extending the life of cooling systems. The variable capacity technology incorporated into all of Dometic’s VARC chillers ensures that the systems work efficiently whether the boat is in full use in a hot climate or just with limited crew on limited power supply.”

The titanium VARCX achieves variable capacities of 12,000 to 48,000 BTU, 15,000 to 60,000 BTU, and 18,000 to 72,000, while maximising chiller efficiency and reducing electrical load fluctuations. It can be adjusted to Economy, Standard or Boost mode.

The use of industrial-grade titanium is a significant development for chiller manufacturing, forming part of Dometic’s product development across its range due to its unique qualities.

The significantly more rugged VARCX chiller is particularly beneficial for commercial boats in continuous use and vessels operating in areas that suffer with excessive marine growth and erosion such as Dubai, Florida and the Caribbean.

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