Dometic Expands Range of HVAC Systems with Titanium VARCX

Credit: Dometic

Published Oct 28, 2019 4:44 PM by The Maritime Executive

Increasing its capabilities to develop customized, corrosion-resistant HVAC solutions for commercial vessels, Dometic’s latest innovation is the titanium VARCX variable capacity chiller.

Dometic’s titanium VARCX variable capacity chiller adds to the company’s range of efficient and durable HVAC solutions for commercial vessels, all developed specifically for operation in the harsh marine environment.

The VARCX chiller, with titanium condenser coils, is impervious to erosion and corrosion, significantly extending the life of the unit. Maximizing efficiency and reducing the load on the generator, the VARCX’s variable speed technology automatically matches its capacity to the thermal load of the vessel while still maintaining a constant temperature inside the cabins.

Commercial operators and owners benefit from substantial savings in cost of ownership due to the reductions in energy consumption and running costs.

The use of industrial-grade titanium is a significant development for chiller manufacturing, forming part of Dometic’s product development across its range due to its unique qualities.

The rugged VARCX chiller is particularly beneficial for commercial boats in continuous use and vessels operating in areas that suffer with excessive marine growth and erosion such as Dubai, Florida and the Caribbean.

The popular VARC chilled water systems have been proven in the commercial sector in recent years, supporting Dometic’s renowned DuraSea range of air-cooled direct expansion air conditioning equipment.

Compact, easy to install and efficient, with extra anti-corrosion protection for its components, the DuraSea Rooftop air conditioner is ideal for patrol boats and other workboats, requiring no plumbing or ducting.

Dometic provides an extensive range of HVAC and other equipment for the commercial marine, workboat and military markets, including sanitation products, coolboxes, minibars and safes. For installation support, after-sales service and maintenance and repair service, the company has an extensive network of offices across the world which are backed in the field by the world’s largest marine network of authorized distributors, dealers and fully-trained service engineers in over 100 countries worldwide.

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