Digital Culture Beyond ECDIS: World ECDIS Day 2019

Oliver Schwarz
Oliver Schwarz

Published Aug 29, 2019 5:10 PM by Oliver Schwarz

On September 25, 2019, the World ECDIS Day conference will be opening its gates in Hamburg for the third time. The biannual event, first held in 2015, was derived from an industry initiative to provide a forum for stakeholders to have their most pressing questions answered by industry experts. Obviously in 2015 the entire day was focused on the challenges of ECDIS implementation.

In 2019 the window for mandatory ECDIS carriage has closed and many vessels have successfully managed the transition to paperless navigation. This year, World ECDIS Day will be assessing and discussing the Digital Culture Beyond ECDIS.

Installing the equipment to meet an IMO carriage requirement is one thing, but updating processes and policies is the logical next step. Implementing the latest technology without reviewing the way things are done is a wasted opportunity. Process optimization is key to increasing safety, reducing the workload on crew, and consequently, minimizing the room for human error.

At World ECDIS Day the maritime community will exchange views and take a deeper look at how the adaptation of electronic navigation will change and improve the voyage planning process, related risk assessments, and compliance.

In the anticipation of the development of automated and autonomous shipping, we are looking forward to a lively industry discussion on how many operational processes will be driven from shore and much responsibility/liability must stay on the vessel.

Come and join us to make yourself heard, register here.

Oliver Schwarz is Business Development Director at Chartworld.

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