Damen Maaskant Delivers Beam Trawler Avanti to Belgian Fishing Fleet

Image courtesy of Damen
Image courtesy of Damen

Published Feb 10, 2022 11:48 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Damen]

Beam Trawler Z-26 Avanti is designed for great hauling power with less fuel consumption and better seagoing properties due to reduced drag in the water. The 38-metre long fishing vessel was officially handed over to the Depaepe family of the Devan Shipping Company on Saturday 29 January in Zeebrugge, Belgium.

The design of Avanti spans the maximum length and tonnage allowed by Belgian maritime regulations. The Z-26 is the second vessel built to Damen Shipyards’ BT3808 design. Specific modifications for Devan Shipping Company make the vessel specifically suited to the Belgian fishing company’s methods – without customisation, Damen Maaskant would not live up to its name. It was built to the latest standards of comfort, technology, sustainability and the customer’s wishes. 

“Devan Shipping Company aimed for a highly efficient and profitable ship. Damen Maaskant modified the design together with SIP Marine to reduce fuel consumption and increase hauling power. The ship also has an imprinted anode system on board, ICCP, eliminating the need for anodes on the hull. This has the main effect of reducing drag,” says project manager John van der Maas. New and unique on this fishing cutter is the cold room instead of refrigerators for provisions. “Cooperation with all subcontractors went like a well-oiled machine. This ultimately lead to an excellent end result.”

The hull was built and launched in Gdansk in Poland and then finished at the yard in Stellendam. The trawler was quickly finished within the agreed timeframe despite all the consequences of the pandemic. 

Steve Depaepe, owner of Devan Shipping Company, is impressed. Depaepe: “As a 14-year-old boy, I already dreamed of a real Maaskant Beam Trawler . Childhood dreams come true in Stellendam. A new fishing cutter for our Flemish fleet gives young fishermen hope for a future at sea and inspires new childhood dreams. My captain and crew are eager to go to sea with this magnificent vessel, equipped for comfortable and safe fishing trips.”

The uncompromising choice for quality, service and their partnership with customers are frequently mentioned characteristics of the Damen Maaskant Shipyards family business in Stellendam. The shipyard is determined to maintain those qualities and develop them further in the years to come. Commercial manager Jeroen van den Berg says: “It is our goal to remain a leader in the development and production of innovative and sustainable vessels for growing, harvesting and catching food from the sea. In this way, we want to secure the future of our industry for generations to come.”

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