Customisation Is the Future For Vessel Connectivity

OPTISoft Dashboard
OPTISoft Dashboard

Published Feb 23, 2021 10:42 PM by The Maritime Executive

In this digital age, maritime communications are set to  move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach to become fully customisable,  predicts connectivity specialist IEC Telecom. 
As it launches its new comprehensive suite of applications for use across a wide  range of maritime sectors, IEC Telecom says having the flexibility to provide  individual, customised solutions across fleets and even for individual vessels is  the next step in the digital revolution. 

Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS at IEC Telecom Group, said:  “Customisation using individual solutions will play a leading role in the future of  maritime digitalisation. The advanced sectors of the industry are already moving  away from the need to have different systems and devices. Instead, future  maritime communications will be housed in one device, fully customisable,  adaptable and upgradeable whatever, whenever and wherever you need. 

“We are delighted to offer this additional layer of services to meet the  requirements of our maritime clients across the globe,” he said. 
OptiSoft offers a wide range of advanced communication services optimised for  the maritime industry including reliable email management, advanced cyber  security, robust data transfer, and remote configuration, as well as enabling a  range of vessel administration processes. 

The suite of services is managed via a cloud-based dashboard which can be  accessed by any web-enabled device. The applications can be added or amended  remotely, giving a high-level of flexibility to the system. 

OptiSoft’s suite of applications currently includes: 

• OneMail – Cost-efficient email management for small vessels • OneMailPro – Email management application for corporate networks with  multiple users 
• OneCover – Comprehensive antivirus solution, 
• OneShare – coming soon – this advanced file-transfer service enabling  efficient sea to shore data transmission  

OptiSoft services can be accessed via a connected laptop with lowest bandwidth  requirements. Hence the new portfolio of services is affordable both to small and  large vessels. Although OptiSoft does not require any specialized hardware,  vessel owners can maximize its performance with OneGate system. Combined,  these two solutions will offer 360 toolkit for marine communication, supported  by an advanced network management features including filtration, QoS, LTE failover and more.

Mr Ben Soussia added: “Having worked with the maritime sector for many years  we are able to identify what our customers need and produce solutions which  are futureproof. Optisoft will transform the way you operate your fleet  connectivity. 

“In addition, all of these advanced applications have been developed to include a  strong element of cyber security – protecting your vessel systems while helping  you to comply with the latest cyber security regulations, including the IMO’s new  guidelines. As industry requirements evolve, we are committed to supplying  services which meet all demands.” 

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