Contship Italia - New Governance of the Group

Franco Cupolo
Franco Cupolo - Managing Director, Operations and Sales

By MarEx 2016-09-30 10:37:41

Following the organizational review process undertaken a few months ago, Contship Italia Group has announced the new governance of the Group.

Franco Cupolo, is appointed Managing Director, Operations and Sales while Sebastiano Grasso takes on the role of Managing Director, Business Services. The new structure has the objective to simplify and speed up the Group's responses to the changes in the industry and its rapid evolution.

Giuseppe Fumelli, Group Controller and Daniele Testi, Marketing and Communication, are confirmed as members of the team reporting to the Group President.

“I extend my best wishes to the whole management team” said the President, Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, who brought together the managers at the headquarters in Melzo, Milan to share the strategy that will support the future development and growth of the integrated terminal, transport and logistic solutions.

“We expect significant challenges and Contship wants to continue to strengthen its leadership in the complex market of logistics”.

Shareholders Thomas Eckelmann, Tom Eckelmann and Katja Both were also present at the meeting.

Sebastiano Grasso – Managing Director, Business Services

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