Coltraco Portaleak? Ultrasonic Leak Detector & Portascanner? Evidential


Published Apr 13, 2016 4:26 PM by The Maritime Executive

Our Portascanner™ Watertight package will shortly be available with optional accessories including Portaleak™ a portable ultrasonic leak detector for gas leak detection & Portascanner™ Evidential for the recording of Portascanner™ Watertight readings. This will be supporting our Portascanner® Watertight ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicator for checking hatch-covers, doors and cable transits on vessels.

This is a further development building on our modifications back in October 2015 continuing the evolution of the Portascanner® which is the leading model of its kind in the market for being the most mathematically accurate of its kind: able to find a leak site as small as 0.06mm (+/-0.02mm). It is reliable, robust, light weight, with a D ring so a lanyard or neck strap can be added for hands-free operation.

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