Coltraco Launches Portasonic? Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Portasonic? Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Portasonic? Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

By The Maritime Executive 2017-02-13 10:09:24

Coltraco Ultrasonics are pleased to present their Portasonic™ Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter. The handheld, portable, clamp-on flow meter device provides accurate flow measurement from the outside of a pipe. The self-adapting Portasonic measures the flow rate, by utilizing two transducers that function as ultrasonic transmitters and receivers. The Portasonic™ is optimal for checking the flow rates of clean non-aerated fluids, such as water, with the ability to measure anywhere on full pipes from ½” to 180” (12 to 4570mm). The light weight, compact and reliable Portasonic™ Flow can penetrate all common metal and plastic pipe materials with its non-invasive external clamp. The state of the art technology provides an easy way to cater for sprinkler system maintenance in the fire industry. Coltraco Ultrasonics have a commitment to go further than just to comply with regulations, but to supply integral safety instrumentation, both offshore and onshore, for higher levels of protection and business continuity. Click here to read more.


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