ClassNK Releases “ClassNK Technical Journal” On How To Deal With Risk


Published Dec 18, 2022 9:01 PM by The Maritime Executive

ClassNK has released the latest "ClassNK Technical Journal”, which has been published for contributing to the development of the maritime industry through the outcome of R&D and technical activities.

The latest issue, “ClassNK Technical Journal No.6 2022 (II)” features how to deal with risk, including articles on risk assessment in the maritime sector, the concept of vulnerability which contributes to developing a new framework that supports the social implementation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS), and fundamentals and applications for risk-based ship design.

In addition, it also includes articles on the development of local scantling formulae for plate members, the world’s first zero emission battery-propelled tanker and outlook for the future, guidelines for additive manufacturing (3D printing), estimation and use of wave information for ship monitoring, and recent topics discussed at IMO.

ClassNK Technical Journals are available to download via ClassNK’s website.

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