BWTS Deckhouse Solutions from VSL Marine Technology

Post installation image of the Alfa Laval Deck house

Published Jun 14, 2020 11:38 PM by The Maritime Executive

VSL Marine Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a 3D scanning & engineering company that specializes in ballast water treatment and marine retrofit projects. Their retrofit projects have been implemented on more than 100 vessels including tankers, container ships, passenger ships and supply vessels.

This project is the first containerised deck house installation for VSL Marine – from 3D scan and survey to on site installation and commissioning. For the OEM manufacturer - Alfa Laval, it was the first installation of a 1500 m³/hr UV treatment plant in deckhouse configuration. And for the client, it is the first deck house installation in series of six sister ships.

“BWTS retrofit installation has numerous inherited challenges particularly on a vessel not designed to contain additional equipment of this size and having high power requirements.” Says Vikas Laul - Technical Director at VSL Marine Technology. “Also, there are several parties involved; ship owners, engineering companies, classification bodies, OEM manufacturers, Shipyard to name a few which further adds complexity to project management.”

The BWMS design is often complex considering the mechanical and electrical components to be installed and integrated into the existing ship systems. The OEM requirements must be fulfilled to maintain guarantee clauses and the crew’s expectation must be obliged with to ensure safety, ease of operation and maintenance.

Foundation and securing designs for the Deck House had to be studied and practically invented for this project. After several iterations, a design that provides enough support at the base of the Deck house coupled with lashing supports to mitigate the motion caused by ships’ rolling was chosen and

As these designs were to be implemented in several ships, VSL Marine Technology adopted a smart new technique of comparing the remaining vessels, images from areas of possible clash zones were called in from all the vessels in the sister class and careful evaluation of design was conducted. This approach provided several key inputs to which the design was changed accordingly during the development phase of the 3D models.

All aspects of the design were successfully approved by the classification body. The installation was carried out by during the Covid-19 pandemic which severely restricted the availability of manpower however VSL Marine Technology’s prudent approach to develop a design which had major components prefabricated came to rescue.

The design was developed in a manner which had several piping and supports components prefabricated leaving less than 15% of pipes that required onsite assessment for the final adjustment. The prefabricated structures were tested for quality by the attending supervisor from VSL Marine and installed directly on to the vessel.

Successful installation of the system followed by commissioning and sea trials concluded the project.

The BWTS foundation which was designed and tested inhouse stood its grounds during passing of the cycle Nisarga during the vessels voyage across Indian Ocean.

The completion of the project is extraordinary due to a variety of challenges faced in an unusual circumstance but agility holds the key to its success. Being able to adapt to the changes as they occur and develop solutions to the issues is an important distinguishing factor between a successfully executed project and a failed one – Vikas Laul Technical Director VSL Marine Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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