Blue Ctrl Selected for Nexans' New Cable Layers at Ulstein Verft

Blue Ctrl AS

Published Jan 30, 2024 3:40 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Blue Ctrl]

Blue Ctrl AS in Ålesund has recently secured a contract to supply an Automation and Power Management System to Ulstein Verft for their upcoming vessel, New Build 317, commissioned by Nexans Marine Operations AS. This vessel, a sophisticated cable layer, represents an advancement of the Nexans Aurora and is based on the ST-297 CLV design by Skipsteknisk.

Blue Ctrl will provide a comprehensive package comprising an Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS) and an Integrated Automation System (IAS). The AMS oversees all vital systems onboard the ship, while the IAS manages a significant portion of the onboard equipment. Additionally, a Power & Energy Management System will be supplied to regulate and optimize power production in tandem with a battery pack. This system aims to minimize consumption and reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

The X-CONNECT platform is seamlessly integrated, serving as the central nervous system onboard, making it ideal for data capture and operational optimization for shipowners. Utilizing the BLUE BOX part of X- CONNECT,  this captured data is methodically organized and transmitted to a cloud service, granting onshore personnel immediate access to crucial information through an real-time portal. This presents an outstanding opportunity to maintain control over the ship's condition, monitor consumption, and strategically plan maintenance activities.

"We are delighted to have been chosen as a supplier by Ulstein and Nexans. This represents a significant milestone for Blue Ctrl," says Arne Dybvik, Managing Director at Blue Ctrl. "This order marks one of our largest deliveries, and we are eager to collaborate with Ulstein Verft and Nexans on this project," adds Sindre Stølan, Sales Director at Blue Ctrl. Stølan further emphasizes, "Building on shipowners' positive experiences with X-CONNECT from Nexans Aurora, the fact that they have once again selected Blue Ctrl as their supplier is a testament to the confidence they have in our capabilities."

Ulstein Verft's Managing Director, Lars Lühr Olsen, expresses satisfaction with the selection of Blue Ctrl as the system supplier for these critical systems. Olsen notes, "Our experience with system deliveries based on Blue Ctrl's X-CONNECT platform has been highly positive in previous vessels. The reliability and flexibility of these systems, including the ability to stream real-time data, provide an excellent foundation for our customers to achieve real-time observability of crucial onboard systems."

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