BEST Leads the Green Port Revolution in the Mediterranean

Image courtesy of Hutchison Ports
Image courtesy of Hutchison Ports

Published Dec 20, 2021 3:54 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Hutchison Ports]

Hutchison Ports BEST container terminal has signed an agreement with Endesa for the contracting of 100% renewable sources energy, enabling them to reduce their CO2 emissions by more than half and to consolidate their position as a benchmark in the use of renewable energy. Similarly, the terminal is increasing its number of solar panels and providing 40 connection points for electric cars.

"From 2022 onwards, 100% of BEST's electricity will come from renewable sources. In this way, we are at the forefront of sustainability in the port sector, becoming the greenest container terminal in the Mediterranean," says Guillermo Belcastro, CEO of Hutchison Ports BEST. With this measure, the terminal eliminates annually the emission of 8,300 tonnes of CO2into the atmosphere.

BEST is also expanding the number of solar panels for self-consumption with a total surface area of 4,763 m2, which will help to reduce CO2 emissions by 250 tonnes. They are also providing 40 charging points for electric vehicles to contribute to the energy transition.

The automation of BEST terminal, with cranes powered mainly by electricity means that the commitment to renewables translates into a significant reduction in emissions compared to other conventional terminals. This has a direct impact on the environmental friendliness of the logistics chain that chooses BEST as its alternative in the Port of Barcelona.

More sustainable logistics chain

BEST's sustainability plan makes the logistics chain more sustainable and offers an environmentally committed alternative to shipowners and end customers who are sensitive to the impact of their activity on the fight against climate change. In this sense, BEST's commitment is firm, global and complete. In addition to the electrification of automated means and the green origin of their energy, BEST has implemented other initiatives based on sustainability such as the installation of solar panels, electric recharging points for vehicles, the commitment to railway (with local traffic quotas close to 20%) and the digitalisation of a large part of the processes that allow for the reduction of waiting times and emissions.

BEST is committed to sustainability and the fight against climate change. For this reason, it researches and invests in sustainable technological innovation projects such as berth electrification together with the Port Authority of Barcelona, and in the search for fossil fuel alternatives used in different types of port equipment, together with leading manufacturers of handling equipment.

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