Bermeo Group Echebastar Will Receive New Vessel

Source: Zamonka Yards

Published Jul 25, 2015 9:43 PM by The Maritime Executive

The Bermeo Group Echebastar will receive the Euskadi Alai Saturday. The Euskadi Alai is a next generation tuna freezer vessel and is being delivered to Astilleros Zamakona, which is owned by Zamakona Yards. President Pedro Garaygordóbi and Deputy Director of the Echebastar Group, Kepa Echevarria will preside over the ceremony, which takes place in the Port of Bilbao.

The Euskadi Alai was built by the Santurce Shipyard as part of a new design project. The vessel features the most modern technology, aluminum superstructure, ultra-freezing tunnels and safe areas with anti-piracy media. The Alai will join its sister vessels the Izaro and Jai Alai in the Indian Ocean where they will perform fishing activities. The Alai is Santurce’s 738th construction.  

The event will be attended by representatives of the Basque Government and Central Government of Seychelles and Port of Bilbao and Zamakona Yards staff and suppliers.

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