Berge Bulk Moves to Digital Procurement with Moscord and Logimatic


Published Apr 29, 2020 9:58 PM by The Maritime Executive

Berge Bulk is revamping its fleet-wide procurement processes through a new, long-term partnership with maritime e-marketplace Moscord. The globally leading dry bulk shipping company, which controls a fleet of around 70 advanced vessels, is looking to enhance efficiency, cut costs, “bring the market to the ship” and create complete procurement transparency and control. The new approach will be fully integrated within the fleet and technical management solution SERTICA, delivered by Logimatic, to maximise data utilisation, further streamline processes, and ensure optimal procurement understanding and value.

Direct advantage

Moscord launched in 2016, quickly staking a claim as “the Amazon of the ship supply segment”. The Singapore-headquartered business provides a direct digital trading platform for the maritime industry, allowing procurement professionals to buy over 300,000 quality products straight from suppliers at set contracted prices.

The lean nature of the channel allows the team to pare back traditional procurement – stripping away superfluous layers and administration while utilising big data to unlock understanding and refine processes. Purchases through Moscord typically cost around 20% less than traditional ship supply channels.

Standardised approach

Sim Teck Siang, Procurement Manager, Berge Bulk says the benefits dovetail perfectly with the shipowner’s broader procurement ambitions.

“As a team, we’re focused on ensuring vital supplies reach our vessels in a timely and efficient manner,” he comments. “But they also have to be the right products, at the correct prices - giving the end user the quality and specifications they require, while delivering optimal value for our business and its stakeholders.

“Traditional channels – involving purchase orders, requests for quotations, approval processes and no clear relationship with suppliers – won’t do. We wanted a digital solution that would provide complete transparency, integrating into our existing fleet management system (SERTICA), allowing users to select from a defined catalogue of products while giving us full control and insight into purchasing.

“This helps us create a standardised process and enjoy greater predictability, also giving us the data to ensure we understand purchasing patterns and can, where applicable, build predictive ordering and automated processes. We see this as a key enabler to unlock added value in procurement.”

Digital momentum

Freddy Ingemann, Moscord Founder and CEO, says the new agreement shows the increasing trend for industry frontrunners to switch to digital ship supply, marking the start of a broader migration online.

“Moscord.com puts users in control,” he comments. “Ad hoc purchasing can be replaced by standardised product selection and processes. Supplier relationships can be fostered. Procurement value can be optimised, and, through the effective utilisation of data, long-term strategic decisions can be determined and implemented. This is a new, simple, reliable and completely accountable way of doing business. It is, quite simply, revolutionising ship supply.”

Both Ingemann and Sim stress that committing to a close, long-term partnership has been key to the agreement. Denmark’s Logimatic, the company behind SERTICA, has been and will be, a central player in the collaboration.

Seamless integration

Michael Paarup, Logimatic COO, notes that SERTICA allows Berge Bulk, and users throughout the global maritime industry, to optimise internal processes, including procurement continually. By “seamlessly integrating” Moscord as a third-party solution into the system that capacity can be enhanced.

He explains: “On-board users at sea can now benefit from easy access to the Moscord catalogue, choosing specific items and simply and efficiently creating the required requisition order within SERTICA.

“All purchase data is centralised, allowing for detailed analysis, while received orders are automatically added for stock counts and inventory management. All information for payment and accounting is also channelled through the system. It is straightforward, streamlined and smart, helping our users achieve their procurement objectives.”

Moscord offers the industry a diverse array of quality products, ranging from consumables to provisions, spare parts, safety equipment, electronics, tools and PPE. The platform features a who’s who of leading brands, including Schneider, RS Components and Meson, amongst others.

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