Avenir LNG Announces Delivery of Avenir Advantage to Future Horizon

Avenir Advantage
Avenir Advantage

Published Nov 16, 2020 10:45 AM by The Maritime Executive

 Avenir LNG Limited (NOTC:AVENIR) today announced that its subsidiary Avenir (L) Pte. Ltd. delivered its first dual purpose liquefied natural gas bunkering and supply vessel (LBV) Avenir Advantage to Future Horizon (L) Pte Ltd (a joint venture company between MISC Berhad and Avenir LNG Limited) on 24 October 2020. With the delivery of the Avenir Advantage, Future Horizon is the first dedicated LBV commercial operator in South East Asia.

PETRONAS LNG Sdn. Bhd. has chartered the Avenir Advantage from Future Horizon for a period of three years. Following her maiden voyage from China, the Avenir Advantage has successfully completed the commissioning of the LNG re-loading equipment on the FSU Tenaga Satu and first LNG bunkering of the SIEM Aristotle. Avenir Advantage will supply the regions LNG-fuelled vessels and small-scale LNG projects.

Milorad Doljanin, CEO Avenir LNG Limited, commented: "We are very proud to deliver the first dedicated LNG bunker vessel in South East Asia. With the backing of Petronas’ LNG supply infrastructure, LNG is undeniably a reliable and cost-effective solution to meeting the sulphur cap regulations set by the International Maritime Organization in 2020. We look forward to working with partners like Petronas to ensure LNG is available as a bunker fuel along all key transport corridors."

“Further to the provision of LNG as a bunker fuel, the delivery of the Avenir Advantage means that Petronas now has the infrastructure in place to support the rapid deployment of small-scale supply chains and we are proud to be working with Petronas as envisaged under our previously announced arrangements.”

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