ASL Rebrands as Adhira Shipping and Logistics & Expands Range of Services

Adhira Shipping and Logistics (ASL)
Capt. Pappu Sastry

Published Mar 10, 2024 11:45 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Adhira Shipping and Logistics (ASL)]

Adhira Shipping and Logistics (ASL) has launched an integrated suite of logistics and transportation services focused on the mining sector.

ASL was established by Capt. Pappu Sastry in 2022 and following a recent takeover of Arise Shipping and Logistics, it has been rebranded as Adhira Shipping and Logistics. The new company, which retained its client base after share transfer, is now expanding its range of logistics services and has established operations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, with clients in North America and Europe.

ASL offers a range of services including land logistics, project management, port management, barging and transshipment, shipping services and niche commodity trading. “We have been working with many of the world’s leading mining companies and with their support I had the confidence to take over the company and rebrand it to Adhira Shipping and Logistics. We are working with clients that share our vision and goals to deliver projects that improve efficiency, sustainability with long-term community engagement.” said Capt. Sastry.

The customised approach means that the on-site ASL team can separately evaluate each project and specific commodity handling requirements and recommend and deliver according to what is needed for each client, at each mine, in-transit, at the port and on- board the ship.

“Many mining logistics operations are fragmented; these inherent inefficiencies add additional costs and time to the process. We have a holistic approach for each project and deliver effective project management and bespoke services as the way to manage and integrate logistics services from the mine to port. We can also offer shipping of the same commodity from port to smelters, refineries or processing plant if required,” added Capt. Sastry.

The non-asset-based approach means that ASL engages with contractors for the time they are engaged for labour, transportation and plant hire. This strategy reduces costs for mining clients, and contractors can plan and optimise the on-hire time for personnel, vehicles and plant.

“Everyone in the supply chain benefits from this Project Management approach and we optimise the utilisation of equipment and people, helping to manage costs more effectively and improve sustainability. The takeover means that we are not restricted to working solely on projects in Africa and can pursue mining logistics projects anywhere in the world. This ensures that my experience of working in global shipping and logistics for the last 20 years is not diluted by focusing on a single geography.,” said Sastry.

Following many years at sea, Capt. Sastry worked for a leading global ship management company, before establishing NEPA Projects in Hong Kong in 2007. He became a significant player in niche commercial and project management and service businesses where he continued his innovative approach.

In 2015, he was listed as one of the TOP 50 leaders in shipping for the next generation. After 10 years at the helm of Nepa, he divested and pursued a 30- month Global MBA degree from University of Manchester.

He worked as Deputy CEO of ABL, Indonesia for four years. In 2022, he established his new entrepreneurial venture with Arise IIP and branded it as ASL Dubai, primarily focused on the mining logistics sector and bulk commodities.

In 2023, as CEO of Arise Shipping and Logistics, Capt. Sastry collected the award for the Bulk Logistics Excellence at the IBJ Awards in London and in 2022 he was named as Entrepreneur of the Year by IBJ when he established ASL.

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