American Engineer Provides Quality Turnaround in China

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By MarEx 2015-05-18 14:55:06

Long known for economical repair ship services along the eastern coast of China, a major concern for technical managers of international companies has been the lack of maintenance and repair services for cooling, ballast and cargo piping systems.

While it is a common procedure to inspect these pipe system, until now, Chinese dockyards have been unable to refurbish, recoat or even fabricate a new properly coated pipes during a periodic docking.

In China, the galvanized or black steel pipe that is usually offered by the dockyard as a solution, is no solution at all because without a proper coating, it will quickly rot out.

Irwin Marine Services, started in 2010, in Shenzhen, China - has created a pipe refurbishment and coating workshop built specifically to turn around repair/replacement of pipes from dockyards, under the tightest of deadlines; using high quality, imported coating powder (polyethylene) from the UK, purpose designed, that will extend the life of the pipe by at least 10 years.

Burn off of the old coating, grit blast, welding repairs and PE coating is all done under the same roof so quality and speed can be carefully controlled. Irwin Marine's trucks pick up and return pipes from all China dockyards.

"For rush jobs we can turn pipes around in less than 24 hours. In many cases the old pipe is still structurally sound and only needs to be recoated. We will provide a refurbished pipe to the shipowner that is going to last at least another 10 years for a fraction of the price of making a new pipe." stated Irwin Marine Services' CEO and Technical Director, David Schaus.

“As an added bonus”, continued David, “the Company’s technical manager knows the refurbished pipe is going to fit since it is the same pipe he started with. Check out a sample case study for more details.” David concluded.



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