Active Mariner Completes NAMEPA’s ESG Assessment Program

Captain Breezy Grenier on the Fastnet Race

Published Jan 18, 2023 12:31 PM by The Maritime Executive

Captain Breezy Grenier is the third individual to certify under NAMEPA’s (North American Marine Environment Protection Association) ESG Maritime Sustainability Passport (MSP) Program, announced Carleen Lyden Walker, NAMEPA’s Co-Founder and CEO. Captain Grenier- a maritime professional who engages in expedition logistics and planning; training development; joins research vessels and scientific expeditions as a field researcher or marine technician; operates vessels and serves as a field guide for ecotourism ventures; and science communication, as well as hosting and creating education and outreach programs- received her MSP by achieving a 60% score or better in NAMEPA’s enhanced program.

“We congratulate Captain Grenier for attaining NAMEPA’s Maritime Sustainability Passport and Seal,” stated Ms. Walker. “She is an excellent example of a maritime professional who incorporates sustainability in her actions and teachings.”

“Earning the maritime sustainability passport is important to me, not just to validate my skills or verify legitimacy and competence to my performance, but the passport opens another door to a world of possibilities” stated Captain Grenier. “NAMEPA’s Maritime Sustainability Passport connects me to a network of resources and connections of like minded people, with different backgrounds and cultures, where many of us see the same problems, at different stages and angles, and we can use that information and experience to help create common sense solutions, instead of throwing things against the wall and hoping it sticks. I have been from the North Pole down to Antarctica, and even to 2,000 ft below the sea- some of the most remote places on the planet- and everywhere I have been, I have always seen plastic and garbage debris. The more we bring these issues to light, it can no longer stay out of sight, or out of mind.”

“NAMEPA has successfully run its ESG MSP Program for nearly three years and remains the only Sustainability credential designed specifically for the maritime industry across all metrics (Environmental, Social and Governance)” stated Walker. “We have upgraded the program to include an outside expert, ESGplus LLC, to assess the submissions to the program to ensure the rigor and the credibility of our Maritime Sustainability Passport. Further, we have enhanced elements of the Six Transparency Pillars, including expanding social and governance expectations such as mariner welfare and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

Captain Grenier was awarded the MSP by completing all phases of the program, including supplying supporting documentation for her claims. ESGplus LLC evaluated her submission to determine whether she met the ESG program’s criteria, which, upon approval, made her eligible to receive the MSP Certificate and Seal. Captain Grenier is the third individual to receive the MSP.

The goal of NAMEPA’s ESG program is to evaluate an entity’s corporate governance, the environment, and the human element activities. The program provides resources to the maritime industry as a whole and to specific companies and individuals who strive to engage in industry best practices and play a role in creating a sustainable global environment, society, and economy. Its Six Transparency Pillars are used as a basis in which to assess the sustainable practices of an organization, company, or individual.

The MSP Seal is used to signify the participant met or exceeded the program’s benchmarks, which offer basic guidelines for the maritime industry along with a Tool Kit to help achieve them and develop best practices using ESG principles. Some of the program’s benefits include increased efficiency, stakeholder visibility and positive global impact and social license. NAMEPA’s ESG program was awarded the 2021 Green4Sea Initiative Award. The Green4Sea award is given to an organization that has sparked, realized or significantly contributed with a specific initiative towards greener shipping. NAMEPA is extremely proud of its contribution to the maritime industry with its ESG program being the first, and still only, known standards program specifically structured for the Maritime Industry.

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