ABS Executive Honored for Groundbreaking Work


By MarEx 2016-12-13 09:08:12

Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce recognizes ABS Senior Vice President and CIO Maria O’Neill as a ‘Trailblazer.’

ABS, a leading provider of classification and technical services to the global marine and offshore industries, is pleased to announce that Senior Vice President and CIO Maria O’Neill has been recognized by the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce for career and personal achievements that place her in an elite category of female “Trailblazers.”

“It is rewarding to have an ABS leader recognized for her accomplishments,” says ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki. “This award is indicative of the quality of our leadership team.”

“I am delighted to have my personal efforts acknowledged,” O’Neill says, explaining, “It is incredibly important to encourage girls and young women to pursue their career objectives and to set their goals high with the knowledge that there are women in the workplace who will mentor them and help them to succeed.”

O’Neill received her award along with four other recipients at an event organized by The Woodlands North Houston Conference for Women. The “Trailblazer” award is conferred on individuals who have demonstrated leadership in their careers that will help open doors for the next generation of women.

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