Venue to the XXII Latin American Congress of Ports

By MarEx 2013-03-18 14:32:00

We welcome you to the Latin American Congress of Ports, organized by the American Port Authorities Association which will be hosted by the magnificent city of Bogot á, June 25th to 28th, 2013.

Authorities and Executives from International Private Terminals, Maritime and Naval Businessmen, Suppliers, Public Officials, Professionals, and the AAPA Leaders, shall attend the most important business summit of the port industry, which has been called under the motto:

“Integration of Latin American Ports with the World, in the Era of Free Trade Agreements and Common Markets”

In order to promote the ongoing improvement of International trade through river and maritime ways, this event represents an accurate space for the updating, the dialog and the commercial exchange among port authorities and service suppliers, on the issues related to the sector activities in the American continent and the rest of the World.

The meeting shall have a combination of a wide academic offer  together with an intense social activity as –in parallel to the opportunity of introducing products or services, and strengthening networking- International Experts shall approach issues as: World Economy and its Impact in the International Port Business; The Opportunity of Colombian Ports to use the FTA´s and Common Markets Framework; Integration of Latin American Ports in the World; Safety as a Necessary Requirement to Competitiveness; Ports and Ship Owner: Shared Committments and Responsibilities in Environmental Matters; Port Infrastructure and Port Projects in America: Integration, Supplementation and Competence; among others. (Click here for a full program).

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