Severn Trent De Nora Sells 100th MARINER OMNIPURE®

Chilean agent/distributor secures new orders for the electrolytic disinfection technology used on various Chilean fishery accommodations, reaching 100 units sold

By MarEx 2013-12-26 09:02:00

Severn Trent De Nora announced today that Keepex Ltd., the company’s agent/distributor in Puerto Varas, Chile, has sold 100 MARINER OMNIPURE® Series M55 Systems to the Chilean fishery business. The highly regulated Chilean salmon farming industry is focused on promoting sustainable environmental practices and optimal sanitary levels throughout the region in an effort to protect its sensitive coastal waterways. Fish farms use the MARINER OMNIPURE system’s proprietary electrolytic disinfection technology to successfully achieve these sustainable environmental practices with ease, contributing to the excellent oceanographic conditions found along Chile’s coastline.

“Our successful sales, distribution and service oriented business model and trustworthy technology have allowed Keepex to expand the MARINER OMNIPURE’s market reach into the coastal fisheries sector with great success,” said Dana Casbeer, offshore & marine product manager, Severn Trent De Nora.

Floating accommodation houses, made of concrete, offer comfortable arrangements for fishermen based on site to manage and work the salmon fisheries. The accommodation houses include modern amenities along with water and wastewater systems to manage the potable water and gray/black wastewater treatment demands. A typical accommodation house has anywhere from 15 to 30 workers living on board at any given time.

“The success of Chile’s salmon industry is, in part, a product of its voluntary good practices,” said Jorge Vicuña, CEO of Keepex Ltd. “The industry has been a global leader in the application of environmental standards and has one of the most comprehensive environmental standards of any industry in Chile. The selection of the MARINER OMNIPURE system is in keeping with the industry’s emphasis on utilizing proven technologies to protect the local ecosystem and to help keep the Chilean salmon industry robust and vibrant.”

The MARINER OMNIPURE system uses Severn Trent De Nora’s proprietary electrolytic disinfection technology and provides safe and effective treatment of black and gray water, resulting in wastewater effluent quality well within the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO)MEPC.159(55) requirements. The MARINER OMNIPURE system has received the certificate of approval from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) in accordance with MEPC.159(55) effluent standards. Certification by the USCG involves testing rigorous environmental standards such as shock and vibration above and beyond IMO requirements. The system also has Bureau Veritas certification to MEPC.159(55) standards.

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