SINOPACIFIC Announces 100th Ship Milestone

By MarEx 2014-06-02 12:27:00

SINOPACIFIC Shipbuilding Group (“SINOPACIFIC”) successfully held “SINOPACIFIC Night” networking event in Athens, Greece. In his speech, Mr. Simon Liang, Chairman & CEO of SINOPACIFIC announced “To date, SINOPACIFIC’s CROWN 63® bulk carrier has achieved its 100th order, which is the largest market share for ULTRAMAX bulk carriers globally.”

“The 100th ship is considered as a significant milestone in the development of CROWN 63® bulk carriers. Together, with partners who share the same values, we have always been committed to providing world-class value-added products and services to our customers and to contributing to safe and efficient operations in shipping.” Mr. Liang pointed out that in the future, as a shipbuilding company driven by strategy and technology, SINOPACIFIC will continue to make every effort to create further cooperation with ship-owners and stakeholders in the industry.

CROWN 63® is the star product of CROWN brand, the optimization of the design kicked off in 2009 and at that moment, SINOAPCIFIC set very forward-looking objectives and strategy: to open a new market segment with this design; a design which would remain competitive over the next 10-20 years. Today, the design parameters of CROWN 63® remain in advance when compared to those of other similar ships, with its fuel consumption index as low as 25.8 tons/day.

The success of CROWN 63® also stems from the good foundations set by CROWN 58, its predecessor. In addition to the CROWN 63®, SINOPACIFIC also proposes a complete product range under its CROWN brand including CROWN MHI 82 Kamsarmax and CROWN 121 Mini-cape which are fully adapted to their respective market segments.

The 82,000DWT bulk carrier, CROWN MHI 82, was jointly designed by SINOPACIFIC and MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.). This highly efficient design has reached a fuel consumption of only around 26.6 tons/day. Construction of the CROWN MHI 82 is exclusive to SINOPACIFIC and Japanese Shipyards. Since the launching of the design at the end of 2012, 11+3 orders have been secured.

SINOPACIFIC entered the 120,000DWT market segment with the CROWN 118 design, delivering 10 vessels of this type before then kicking off the development of CROWN 121, as an optimized and upgraded version of CROWN 118. The CROWN 121 is a high energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, shallow-draft Mini-cape bulk carrier.

Through “SINOPACIFIC Night in Athens”, SINOPACIFIC has delivered a clear message of future direction, by continuously promoting design optimization and improving the performances of the CROWN brand, SINOPACIFIC will continue to provide world-class value-added products and services to customers. Coinciding with Posidonia 2014, one of the biggest exhibitions in the international shipping industry, “SINOPACIFIC Night in Athens” attracted over 200 industry players, comprising senior-level representatives from ship owners, classification societies, brokers, banks and leading figures from the media.

The event, hosted by Simon Liang and SINOPACIFIC executive team, kicked off with a sand drawing video which described the CROWN brand product range and showed how innovation is driving the brand forwards. During the event, guests mingled in a relaxed environment mixing East and West through food and traditional Chinese music from Yangzhou, site of SINOPACIFIC’s Dayang shipyard.

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