Palestinian Port Officials Receive Grant to Attend Port Senior Management Program

Galilee Institute in Israel effort helps to build Israeli-Palestinian Relations

By MarEx 2013-07-18 14:01:00

The Middle Eastern affairs, its history, continuance and magnitude leaves most with the question, “well we ever see the horizon to the conflict?”  But, perhaps contribution of good will, no matter if it’s grand or small; makes a difference.  In fact, that is what Dr. Joseph Shevel, President at the Galilee International Management Institute in Israel whole heartedly believes.

Over a 25 year span, the Galilee Institute (GIMI) has been on a quest to enhance economic advancement and sustainability through capacity management building.  Having accomplished the feat of providing intensive streamlined training programs to over 15,000 senior managers, administrators and planners world-wide; is one that GIMI takes great pride in, but is not the only mission which holds precedence.

Throughout the duration, Dr. Shevel has focused on fostering proactive relationships with Israel’s neighbors.   Of most recent, is the full scholarship which will be granted to Palestinian port officials in order to participate in the Port Senior Management program scheduled for this coming November at the institute. 

Of course this could have not been possible without the support from the International Maritime Organization.  Through the “IMO Women in Development Program” full sponsorship to female port officials have been granted to the institute for over 9 years now.  As GIMI couldn’t be more grateful for this contribution alone, upon request the IMO has agreed to fund full sponsorship for 2 Palestinian port officials from Gaza as well this year.

In efforts of building Israeli – Palestinian relations, this is certainly a momentous event.  In hopes that the Port Senior Management program will be viewed as an effective and valuable experience, perhaps GIMI will have the opportunity to see more Palestinian participants for years to come.

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