New Stainless Steel W STAINLESS STEEL DZUS PANEX Quarter-Turn Fasten from Southco Withstands Corrosion and Heat

By MarEx 2013-05-07 14:30:00

Southco, Inc., a global leader in engineered access solutions, has recently launched the stainless steel DZUS® D8 PANEX Quarter-Turn Fastener – the newest line extension to the already successful DZUS® D8 PANEX range of quarter-turn fasteners. The stainless steel version delivers the same quick access and fast installation as the standard D8, but enables dependable, vibration-resistant fastening in harsh environments where heat and corrosion may affect operation.

The durable, formed stainless steel construction of the DZUS® D8 provides aesthetic appeal as well as increased total material thickness (TMT) tolerance for robust fastening. Available in size 6 with slotted, hex and Phillips recessed head styles, and complementary mini clip-on and rivet-on receptacle options.  The stainless steel DZUS® D8 is compatible with variety of installation needs.

Product Manager Ben Goater adds, “Southco’s stainless steel DZUS® D8 PANEX Quarter-Turn Fastener combines flexible styling with fast repeatable access for vibration-resistant, intuitive operation.”

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