New Laser Weapon Exceeds All Expectations

By MarEx 2012-12-20 13:06:00

The revolutionary SMU100 laser system is now worldwide available via MSS. After an intensive testing period, there is now a laser weapon that complies with all professional requirements. This weapon can be used in the fight against criminals, terrorists, pirates and rioters before police, military and security guards have to go over to the use of lethal firearms. The SMU100 deprives eye sight and is effective up to a distance of 1,000 meters.

In the fight against crime law enforcers sometimes need to go over to the use of firearms. Often with disastrous consequences. With the SMU100 criminals can be effectively warned and stopped. Whereby the use of a lethal weapon, in many cases, it is not necessary anymore. And accidents, which lead to unnecessary deaths and injuries, can be prevented. The SMU100 can be used even by untrained law enforcement and military personnel in a effective and responsible way.

The SMU100 is a system developed by the British PSS. The SMU100 was developed by former servicemen and thus meets the highest demands. By using "laser scanning technology" there is no risk of permanent eye damage and the weapon is safe to use. The SMU100 is easy to use, robust, compact, ergonomic, lightweight and highly effective. The advantage of SMU100 over other laser systems is that it is a handy "all in one" system, so with no additional cables, loose battery packs or other accessories. The SMU100 is competitively priced, does not fall under the Arms Act, has no export restriction and is commercially available.

"This new system is a humane deterrent to a range that is many times greater than firearms. It gives law enforcement, military and security officers an additional tool to use before moving on to the use of deadly force. You deter criminals, terrorists and rioters at great distance. It is a weapon which is not only suitable for use by police units. For example, it is also a great tool in the fight against Somali pirates. And our soldiers in Afghanistan can be helped with roadblocks actions and other, more proportional, use of force ". (Derk Wisman of MSS).

This unique SMU100 laser can be demonstrated, upon request, to selected customers.

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