New Business RiverIsle Targets Growth

By MarEx 2014-04-29 11:51:00

Innovative boating app developed by keen sailor and technology expert Paul Cuss is already being used in more than 30 countries

New app development company RiverIsle is targeting additional regions and markets after the successful global launch of its innovative new marine logbook app, WaveTrax™.

Launched in January, the sailing and boating app for iPad and iPhone is already being downloaded and used in more than 30 countries, with positive early feedback about the design, features and usability of the app.

Passionate sailor Paul Cuss, who has a background in communications technology and software, set up his own specialist app business after he was inspired by an ambition to improve the traditional paper logbook used by sailors and boaters.

Designed to revolutionize the way sailors and boaters record voyages, store data and share experiences, WaveTrax has already captured the imagination of those venturing out to sea. The fully-featured app has the capability to automatically create a log of every voyage using mobile technology and GPS and then share exciting journeys via social media.

After two years’ of development and months of testing, feedback, updates and improvements to fine tune the app ahead of this year’s release, RiverIsle director Mr Cuss is now focusing on increasing awareness across the world about WaveTrax.

As WaveTrax’s GPS works worldwide, there are no limits to the sales’ possibilities of the product due to its broad appeal to individuals, groups and organisations participating in a range of marine activities.

“I was surprised that we achieved sales in as many countries worldwide so soon after launch,” said Mr Cuss. “In the first two weeks we had sales in the US, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, Caribbean, and of course the UK. It shows that in today’s technological age new start-ups can be born global and there is no end of opportunity if you have the right product.

“WaveTrax is suitable for a huge range of marine activities, whether users own their own boat or sail on different vessels, from casual sailors, holiday-makers, racers or fishers. We are now looking at all opportunities from charter and training companies to the development of a model where organisations can offer WaveTrax to their clients to help them get more out of their adventure or holiday.”

Long-term plans for RiverIsle include the development of a series of outdoor logbook apps which will build on the platform created by WaveTrax, utilizing similar systems and components. RiverIsle’s portfolio of sporting and leisure apps will eventually include versions for adventure activities such as hiking, running, biking and more.

However, in the coming months, Mr Cuss is planning to focus on WaveTrax and introduce additional features and technical aspects to further enhance and widen the capabilities of the app.

He added: “I had a set of clear objectives when developing WaveTrax. It needed to be easy to use and intuitive, bring the journey to life with pictures and information, work when far out to sea and be good enough for both boat owners and people who sail on many different boats.

“Usability is the most important factor for WaveTrax. It is designed to let people concentrate on their sailing and not stare at their iPad or iPhone. Some of the other features which make the app stand out are the ability to add annotations and photos, the saved maps, the capability to share via social media and add old journeys, and the use of QR codes to load data. It is cost effective and it’s a website too.

“When the app was ready to be tested, I asked friends and family, and then independent and experienced sailors, to test and use the product in real-life situations. Getting feedback prior to launch was essential. It led to improvements in the capabilities of the app, such as storing boating and personal documents and user friendliness, prior to release.

“After establishing WaveTrax in the market we expect to develop and launch new apps, which utilize similar components and systems, for other outdoor activities, as well as developing the user base we earn through our marketing efforts with WaveTrax.”

Mr Cuss has worked in the telecoms and IT markets, including CEO of mobile software companies, since 1988 and therefore has a deep understanding of communications technology and software systems. In his early career he also worked in the oil exploration industry.

The idea to create the next stage in the evolution of the marine logbook first came to life when Mr Cuss discovered sailing in the last 15 years, during which time he encountered the expensive, outdated and limited characteristics of the paper version.

“Having worked in telecoms and mobile software businesses for many years I was always excited by the speed at which technology evolved and the never-ending range of useful things that could be achieved by clever products,” commented Mr Cuss.

“I always considered how the use of technology could substitute or improve an already existing product. The paper logbook was expensive and often tedious to use, so it became an obvious project for improvement, hence WaveTrax was born.”

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