Mitsui Delivers Panama Forest Products Vessel

By MarEx 2014-01-21 18:39:00

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding has delivered a 72,800 dwt type open hatch jib crane general cargo carrier Siskin Arrow to Misuga, Panama. This is the fourth vessel of its series which has a large cargo hold capacity (more than 86,600m3) designed to carry forest products. 

The vessel is one of the largest open hatch general cargo carriers in the world with eight box-shaped cargo holds and four jib cranes for handling cargo. It has three pairs of piggyback-type hatch covers to allow for large hatch openings with no protruding objects and also has higher structural reliability at the hatch corners. 

A hydrodynamic energy saving device on the rudder achieves good propulsive performance.
The Mitsui-MAN B&W Diesel Engine 5S60ME-C8 installed is a light, compact and high output electronically controlled engine complying with MARPOL NOx restriction for exhaust gas. The bow thruster and high-lift rudder enables good maneuverability in port.

The vessel has a ballast water treatment system for the protection of marine environment in advance of forthcoming entry into force of the ballast water management convention.

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