Maritime VSAT Fiber-Optic Link

By MarEx 2014-03-26 14:45:00

Optical Zonu Corporation (OZC), a designer and manufacturer of innovative RF over Fiber solutions, is proud to introduce its OZ Maritime VSAT transceiver for high-performance L-band video/voice/data communications and antenna control transmission over optical fiber. Born of the military’s high-performance demands and coaxial cable’s field-tested limitations, the OZ Maritime VSAT Link enables fiber connectivity to maritime satellite earth stations for transmission/reception of both video/voice/data communications and antenna control data to/from below-deck equipment, over very long distances and with little-to-no signal loss. The OZ Maritime VSAT Link thereby signifies the first ever RF over Fiber link especially made for maritime deployment.

The OZ Maritime VSAT Link distributes L-band signals bidirectionally and provides full duplexed multi channel data links to an external RS422/RS232 Modem. These links use four internally conditioned FSK signals and transport a source clock of 10MHz for SatCom up-conversion and down-conversion at the antenna. Ultimately, these connect a vessel’s below-deck Satellite Modem and Antenna Control Unit (ACU) to an above-deck antenna system, which may include a Pedestal Control Unit (PCU) for monitoring, stabilization, and tracking of an antenna against a ship’s roll, pitch, and turning motions. Optical Zonu designed these fiber optic links to be easy-to-install, utilizing only 2 fiber strands, as well as to overcome the inflexibility, bandwidth, and distance limitations of traditional coaxial links.

“We’re happy to have come up with a solution for an application as demanding as maritime VSAT communications," said Farzad Ghadooshahy, CTO and Executive VP of Engineering at Optical Zonu. "Initial deployments with major integrators confirm that our RF over Fiber links provide a superior solution to coaxial links and peace of mind to users with mission critical communication needs, from military to large commercial users like cruise ships.”

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