MSC Preziosa to Receive 7 Golden Pearls for Best Environmental Standards

By MarEx 2013-03-22 11:48:00

MSC Cruises is committed to making green choices that keep the oceans blue. The company’s energy efficiency matches the industry-leading ecoship and cleanship credentials and its green efforts have been recognized with a string of environmental certifications, alongside awards praising its creative interior design, comfort, cuisine and friendly service.

Once again, the latest flagship in the MSC fleet is set to become a green paragon in the industry, with leading international classification society Bureau Veritas officially conferring the “7 Golden Pearls” award to MSC Preziosa, the company’s 4th Fantasia class ship.

The “7 Golden Pearls” is one of highest awards for cruise vessels in recognition of the specific voluntary attention paid, from design and building to operation, to “Quality Health Safety Environment” (QHSE).

The integrated sections that make up the award are:

Classification notation “CLEANSHIP 2”, for the three domains of potential air, water and waste pollution. It targets the Advanced Waste Water Treatment which is unique in the cruise industry and acknowledges that the ship is fitted with the means to prevent the release of pollutants or waste matter into the sea and air.

This award also:

- validates that the vessel has been designed, built, operated and maintained to achieve appropriate protection for the environment.

- covers annexes I, IV,V and VI of MARPOL, as well as the very strict rules on waste and ballast water management, the anti-fouling system and pollution by ozone-depleting substances.

- validates that the vessel is fully equipped with high incineration capacities, advanced water treatment systems, the newest oil water separators, and vast storage capacities for two days full operation at sea. 

MSC Cruises and the new vessel are covered by:

ISO 14001- Certification of the highest standards of the Environmental Management System, requiring a complete coherent management system of all environmental aspects and impacts of all activities.

HSAS 18001 – Certification for the highest standards of the Safety Management System requiring complete management of health and safety of workers on board and in the company’s head office.

ISO 22000 – Certification for the highest standards of Food Safety Management, ensuring complete and validated safety of all food processes, from farm to fork.

And the newly acquired ‘pearl’ ISO 50001 – Certification for the highest standards of Energy Performance, requiring an energy management system that follows a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of the ship’s energy performance.

The “7 Golden Pearls” award is a reflection of MSC Cruises’ commitment to safeguarding the marine ecosystem, as well as protecting the health and safety of its passengers and staff.

Philippe Donche-Gay, Executive Vice President and head of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Division, says, “The ‘7 Golden Pearls’ we are awarding to MSC Preziosa are a demonstration that MSC Cruises is committed to the environment, to food safety and to the health and safety of its workforce. MSC Cruises takes a holistic view of its responsibilities in all these areas and invests to go well beyond the basic requirements of regulation. It is a great pleasure to be able to verify and recognise these achievements, which set a new and higher integrated standard for the entire cruise industry.”

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