MMLS Arrested Ferries Catch Eye of President

Media reports indicate that President Al-Sisi stressed to Minister of Transport Hani Dahi, that he expected the matters to be resolved imminently.

Saudi-Flagged Almottahedah 1

By MarEx 2014-12-19 15:02:20

On Wednesday's visit to new office facilities for the Red Sea Port of Hurghada, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, addressing Minister of Transport, Hani Dahi, inquired as to the long-standing residency of two passenger ferries, Almottahedah 1, owned by United Company for Marine Lines of Saudi Arabia and Sama 1, owned by Fortune Maritime Enterprise for Fast Ferries of Egypt.

In response to being informed that the vessels were at the Hurghada Port for maintenance, Egyptian media reports stated that the President advised he was well aware the vessels had been under arrest. 

In fact, Mamdouh Maritime Legal Solutions (MMLS) arrested Almottahedah 1 in December 2012 and Sama 1 in May 2013, both cases initiated by claims made against the owner companies for unpaid wages and benefits; in some cases owed for up to 14-months. Subsequently additional arrests were made against both ferries by companies holding unpaid debits.

"Between 2006 and 2012, United Company for Marine Lines had been running Almottahedah 1 on back-to-back trips between Hurghada, Egypt and Duba, Saudi Arabia. It is a shame that apparent mismanagement has altered the future of this rising company – with four in its line – bringing management to where it appears to be today; unwilling to pay crew salaries and benefits, and watching its vessel deteriorate over the past two years for failing to come to the table with a bona fide settlement," stated MMLS Executive Director, Said Mamdouh.

The President stressed to Dahi on Wednesday, that he expected the matters to be resolved imminently.

In their current condition both of the arrested ferries raise safety issues at the Port.

To date the claims against both Almottahedah 1 and Sama 1 total over 20 million Egyptian pounds.

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