Inland Marine Service Welcomes Ged O’Connell

By MarEx 2014-05-22 12:39:00

Today, Inland Marine Service (IMS) announced that Ged O’Connell has joined the Hammond family business as the Director or Business Development. Ged, a 40-plus-year veteran of America’s waterways, is responsible for expanding IMS’s capabilities and presence in the waterway transport industry. 

“I’ve known Ged for 30 years, and his focus has always been honesty and customer service,” says Dave Hammond, President of Inland Marine Service, Inc. “He has spent his entire career building lasting partnerships, relationships and friendships on the water… it’s who he is as a person, and we look forward to having him on the team and meeting new potential partners.”

Ged’s education, experience and customer-service orientation, coupled with a strong family focus make him a perfect fit for the IMS family-run business.

“Being family-oriented and respectful of their extended family on the vessels is why IMS is different than any other company,” says Ged. “IMS works with its customers as a team to move commodities in a safe, efficient and timely manner… and they do so by hiring, training and supporting the very best people and treating them like family.”

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