France Helices Partnering with MarineDiesel Sweden AB

By MarEx 2013-03-06 10:57:00

France Helices announces that we have just entered into a marketing partnership with marine engine manufacturer, MarineDiesel Sweden AB. This partnership is truly a complementary one, and each company's respective products fit nicely into the other company's product line.

France Helices is known as being the experts in fast marine propulsion, and Marine Diesel's engine line-up of very high power, low weight engines enable us to provide customers the highest power, performance, and reliability possible. Specific to the Marine Diesel product line, we are focused on pairing the SDS with the Marine Diesel VGT series of engines, from 300 to 500 horsepower.

These engines are particularly suited to government vessels, military, or police, and provide the highest levels of performance, typically only seen in racing engines, with the long-term reliability and life cycle of heavier engines currently in the market: All at an attractive price.

When combined with the SDS, the performance package, quite simply, provides the most performance for the price.

The products and services herein described in this press release are not endorsed by The Maritime Executive.