First Order for Mitsui's ME-GI Engine

By MarEx 2014-07-23 14:34:00

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Pres. Takao Tanaka) has received the first order of electronically controlled gas injection diesel engine (hereinafter, ME-GI) for MES.

MAN B&W 8S70ME-C8.2-GI will be installed on 2 x 2,400 TEU + 400 vehicles ConRo ships to be built by VT Halter Marine Inc. (U.S. shipyard) for Crowley Maritime Corporation (U.S. owner).

ME-GI is Diesel cycle dual fuel engine with high efficiency based on the principle of 2 stroke low speed diesel engine and it can use both heavy oil and natural gas as fuel depending on relative price and availability, as well as environmental considerations.

On existing 4 stroke dual fuel engines, many troubles are seen on the gas combustion system such as knocking or misfire often linked with load fluctuations, resulting in the limitation of gas operation output due to the nature of Otto cycle principle. On the other hand, ME-GI has no difficulty in application for the direct connection to propeller shaft, which is the most efficient way of power transmission. 

Natural gas can contribute for significant reduction not only in CO2 emissions, SOx, PM emissions and NOx, but also in fuel cost by shale gas development, therefore it can be an alternative fuel selection for ship owners.

MES built its power generation plant with the world’s first low-speed gas injection diesel engine (GIDE) in its Chiba Works in 1994. Through the operation of approx. 20,000 hours, MES has accumulated verification of performance and durability and its various operation know-how of the engine. In addition, in April 2013 MES established the gas supply facilities at workshop and carried out the first full-scale demonstrational running of ME-GI burning natural gas in Japan. MES will continue to expand business opportunities for ME-GI as one of the next generation eco-friendly engines.

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