Bay Planning Coalition Announces the Energy and Water Nexus Summit 2

September 12th workshop will explore the California Water Bond, Desalination, Energy and Water for Agriculture, and more

By MarEx 2013-08-13 09:57:00

On Thursday, September 12th , the Bay Planning Coalition will host the Energy and Water Nexus Summit 2 at the Aquarium of the Bay’s Bay Theater in San Francisco.

Speakers include Felicia Marcus, Chair of the California Water Resources Control Board; Mark Cowin, Director of the California Department of Water Resources; Dan Walters, columnist for the Sacramento Bee; Dr. Peter Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute, and Harlan Kelly, Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Also presenting will be experts on desalination policy and technology, wastewater treatment, innovative energy and water usage in agriculture, conservation, and more.

Following up on last fall’s Energy and Water Nexus Summit, this all-day event endeavors to present multiple sides of the complex and important issues involved in the water-energy nexus, and its impacts on the California economy.

“In order to maintain our vibrant economy and culture and attract new businesses and innovators, a reliable, accessible and affordable supply of water and energy must be available. The Energy and Water Nexus Summit 2 strives to bring diverse viewpoints and areas of expertise to the table to ask the tough questions about the future of water and energy in our region, state and country,” says John Coleman, Executive Director of the Bay Planning Coalition.

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