BUZZ MARINE: HubbaX Can Save You Money at Home, As Well As on Your Boat

By MarEx 2013-01-23 12:31:00

UK based Buzz Marine’s new HubbaX, specifically designed for the marine environment, is the first mobile broadband system available to offer ADSL equivalent broadband speeds for vessels operating up to 20 miles offshore. Using unique patented aerial technology and 3G networks HubbaX creates affordable wi-fi internet access aboard without the need for a more costly satellite connection - and with VoIP Telephony can act as an on-board extension to your home or business telephone system.

Fitting VoIP Telephony can be a cost-effective replacement for the land-line in your home (or office) and, if you have it fitted in your home, you can then use the HubbaX on your boat to give you full internet connectivity, just as if you were in a different part of the house. In addition, with calls to other Buzz VoIP phones free, you can call the home/office from the boat free of charge* – and they can call you on the boat free of charge*. So you could use the purchase of a Hubba X for your boat as a spur to update your home/office telephony and quickly recoup the cost in savings.

Fully water- and weather-proof with an IP66 rating, the HubbaX can be mounted on the coachroof or mast with a standard one inch marine antenna mount. Powered by a 12v DC power pack, the marine broadband unit is also protected by industry standard security protocol WEP, WPA and WPA2.

Steve Smith, Managing Director of Buzz Marine, commented: “There is an increasing demand from boat owners to be able to stay connected while cruising and they expect to do this with a download speed similar to that experienced at home. For the first time this is now achievable without the need for more expensive satellite communication costs. The HubbaX offers an economical solution by utilising 3G networks to access an internet connection on the move, and up to 20 miles offshore, that can be easily connected to your favourite devices. It’s simple to add on the telephony service to make the most of the connection. With connectivity provided by our Hubba marine broadband range it is now possible to add a landline equivalent phone service to your boat even at sea!”

Buzz Connect customers can choose a phone number starting 01 or 02, add a handset and with the VoIP telephony service they can enjoy a feature rich phone service aboard. With typical UK landline calls costing less than one pence per minute and calls to other Buzz VoIP phones free, expensive call charges will be a thing of the past. The feature rich system allows customers to turn a boat into an extension of the office, with same extension number capability and call transfer, the telephony system can replace or augment satellite phone systems at sea or on inland waterways.

The HubbaX utilises 3G networks via an integrated data SIM to create a WiFi hotspot instantly and can also be wired via an Ethernet port to connect to multiple devices such as laptops and iPads. The antenna dome houses a quadruple antenna system which is considerably more powerful than standard mobile reception and automatically maintains constant connection despite any movement of the vessel. With typical download speeds of 7Mbps (Megabit per second) and uploads of 1Mbps, the HubbaX allows boat owners to easily access important information such as weather conditions and stay connected while at sea.

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