2016 Capital Link Maritime CSR Award

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By MarEx 2016-10-11 16:48:22

The “6th Capital Link Annual “Operational Excellence & Maritime CSR Forum” will take place on Wednesday November 2, 2016 at the Chartered Accountants' Hall on One Moorgate Place in London, UK.


The Forum is organized in Cooperation with the Danish Shipowners Association and the Norwegian Shipowners Association and with the Support of the UK Trade & Investment Agency and many industry associations.

With a 6-year track record it is the only Forum that showcases Operational Excellence in the Maritime & Offshore Sectors and explores Best Industry Practices across all major areas such as fleet management, technological innovation, crewing, energy efficiency and the environment, safety & security. The Forum provides an interactive platform on the topic of Operational Excellence, Best Industry Practices, Sustainability & CSR linking industry, government and non-governmental organizations, industry associations, the financial and investment community, and the public at large.

Best Operating Practices are closely related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The companies that are committed to implement best practices strive for a culture of safety, security and excellence that benefits all stakeholders, including employees, business partners and society at large.

We are delighted to see how the industry has embraced this Forum. Senior Executives from 23 leading shipping & offshore company executives, 2 major Shipowners Associations, 4 major classification societies, as well as charterers, financiers and key industry organizations will come together to discuss the latest regulatory, the market trends and the industry response. Also how the implementation of Best Industry Practices translates into tangible commercial, operational and financial competitive advantages. The extensive company participation in the Forum is key, as ultimately it is the companies that are implementing these Best Industry Practices and enables us to attribute to the operational side of the business the attention it deserves.

Honoring Jeremy Penn - In the context of the Forum, we will present the “2016 Capital Link Maritime CSR Award” to Mr. Jeremy Penn, Chief Executive of the Baltic Exchange in recognition of his commitment in applying and promoting high ethical business standards and best industry practices. Introductory Remarks and the award presentation will be made by Mr. Clay Maitland, Founding Partner - NAMEPA; Chairman - NYMAR; Managing Partner - International Registries.

The Award was initiated 4 years ago aiming to recognize a person or an organization for demonstrating the highest level of commitment to Business Ethics and Best Industry Practices. Previous Honorees were Dr. Nikos Tsakos, Mr. Efthimios Mitropoulos and Mr. Clay Maitland.

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