World's Largest Livestock Carrier Gains Australian Approval

Ocean Shearer
Ocean Shearer

By The Maritime Executive 2016-10-12 20:46:09

Australian live export company Wellard has received clearance for Australian trade for the latest addition to its fleet, the purpose-designed and built livestock carrier Ocean Shearer.

The vessel has been granted its Interim Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. 

Ocean Shearer is the world’s largest purpose-built livestock carrier, a record previously held by its sister ship, Wellard’s Ocean Drover. It was officially delivered to Wellard by COSCO ship yard in April 2016 and has been operating out of South America. The size of the vessel provides considerable flexibility as it can be used on long and short haul voyages.

Wellard CEO Mauro Balzarini said the Ocean Shearer had exceeded all of its performance benchmarks in its first months of operations. Plus its stronger ventilation, higher fresh water production, and other enhancements of livestock services had improved animal welfare and voyage outcomes.

“The inclusion of the Ocean Shearer into our fleet also ensures we continue to operate one of the youngest livestock fleets in the world and one of the largest Australian Maritime Safety Authority-approved fleets in the live export sector,” Balzarini said.

The Ocean Shearer has a 23,500 square meter carrying capacity so, depending on individual weight, can transport 20,000 cattle or 75,000 sheep, or a combination of both, on a single voyage. It has a fuel range of approximately 18,000 miles and can cruise at one the highest speeds in the industry, enabling fast voyage completion and therefore more voyages per year.

Vessel specifications - Ocean Shearer

Length: 189.3m 
Breadth: 31m
Gross tonnage: 36,028 tons
Livestock area: 23,500 square meters
Number of decks: nine
Design draft:  8.85m 
Fresh water capacity: 350 tons
Fresh water production: 800 tons/day from five reverse osmosis units
Fodder Capacity: 3,000 tons
Ventilation: Greater than 0.5 meters/second across all pen areas. Greater than 100 air changes per hour.
Speed: knots: 18 knots  
Engines: MAN B&W type 6S50 ME – B9,5 TII