Watch: Wreck Removal of the SSV Jupiter 1

By The Maritime Executive 04-09-2019 07:29:46

Mammoet Salvage has released a video of what it says was one of the most daring salvage operations ever undertaken in the Gulf of Mexico, “where an environmental disaster of Deepwater Horizon proportions was prevented by pulling off a genius plan by a great group of people.”

The video shows the company's wreck removal project of the Jupiter 1 floatel that partially sank off Mexico in April 2011. 638 personnel were evacuated after a valve problem caused the platform to take on water.

Water depth in the area was 38 meters (125 feet), and the 50-meter (164-foot) wide platform was left with 13 meters (43 feet)above water levels - only seven meters from active pipelines.

The floatel, owned by Cotemar and managed by PEP, had 2,075 barrels of diesel stored in the pontoons and 82 barrels of jet fuel stored in containers on the deck.