Watch: Port of Hamburg Outlook for 2019

By The Maritime Executive 02-21-2019 07:15:59

The Port of Hamburg has released a video of Jens Meier, CEO of Hamburg Port Authority, discussing the port's plans for 2019 including the renovation of the St. Pauli Elbe tunnel, the expansion of the port fleet, the fairway adaptation and the new Kattwyk railway bridge.

The port handled over 135 million tons of seaborne cargo in 2018 (down one percent). Its rail seaport-hinterland freight accounted for totals of 46.8 million tons – up 2.7 percent – and 2.44 million TEU – up 4.7 percent. More than 60,000 cargo trains with around 1.6 million freight cars were handled during 2018. This topped the record total set in 2016.

China again remained the Port of Hamburg’s largest trading partner in 2018. One in three of all containers handled in the port are for, or from, China, and more than 235 connections by rail are now offered from Hamburg along the New Silk Road.

The port and its handling terminals are already clearing mega-ships with slot capacities of over 21,000 TEUs and, looking to the future, are preparing to clear arrivals and departures by even larger vessels.