Video: Two Massive Fires Hit Refinery Complex in Venezuela

Fire refinery venezuela
Image via social media

Published Sep 19, 2022 6:25 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Saturday morning, a raging fire broke out at a marine terminal at the Puerto la Cruz Refinery in Guaraguao, Venezuela, sending flames and smoke high into the sky. Workers with state oil company PDVSA reported the fire at about 0830 hours on Saturday.

Tareck El Aissami, Venezuela's minister of industries, reported that “a gasoline loading arm broke, spilling fuel on the deck of a ship and on the dock, causing a fire in that area.”

150 firefighters from Venezuela's National Risk Management System and 15 fire engines responded to the scene.

Officials asserted that no personnel were injured in the incident and that the ship was safely moved away from the terminal while firefighting commenced.

El Aissami said that the fire was fully contained the same day, and he claimed that the loading terminal would be ready to resume work shortly. Local outlet El Pitazo reported Monday that the affected section of the terminal was inoperable.

Second massive fire

On Monday, a second massive fire broke out at the same refinery, reportedly sparked by a lightning strike on the water treatment lagoon next to the facility.

Bystander videos taken of the scene in Puerto la Cruz appeared to show that the blaze sparked a minor panic, sending residents running away from the distant flames and smoke.

Environmental news outlet Cima360 claimed that soot from the fire polluted the adjacent lagoon, darkening its waters black.