Video: MMEA Stops Derelict OSV From Drifting Into Offshore Platform

runaway abandon vessel headed toward offshore gas platform
Crew were lowered onto the runaway vessel to secure a new towline (MMEA)

Published Jan 5, 2022 6:53 PM by The Maritime Executive

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency reports that it intervened to prevent a “ghost ship” from potentially colliding with a large offshore platform. The agency released video of a helicopter lowering crew onto the deck of the runaway abandoned vessel to secure a towline to move the vessel to safety.

On January 3, the agency reported that it received a call for assistance from an Indonesian shipping company that one of its vessels had lost control of an abandoned offshore vessel that it was towing from Indonesia to China. The towline controlling the 2,588 gross ton Winposh Rampart had parted at a position approximately 120 nautical miles from Kuala Terengganu, a city on the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula.

The abandoned offshore vessel was being towed to China when the towline broke (MMEA)

They reported that the 236-foot-long vessel became separated during bad weather in Vietnamese waters. The Limin Rosmina, which was towing the abandoned vessel, was unable to control the OSV. They reported that it was drifting southwest in Malaysian waters.

The Malaysian Maritime Special Action Team deployed with one of its aircraft to analyze the situation and identify methods to prevent the ship from drifting. Analyzing the direction of the vessel, they determined that it was in danger of colliding with the Petronas Telok A gas platform, an unmanned operation located in the South China Sea, approximately 125 miles off the coast of Malaysia.

Coordinating with Petronas, the MMEA was able to locate the runaway vessel and the video shows personnel being lowered to the deck to the vessel. They were able to secure a towline to a vessel sent to the scene by Petronas. The Winposh Rampart is currently being towed in an operation that is expected to last up to 65 hours to bring it to port in Malaysia.