Video: Fight Breaks Out Aboard Cruise Ship Carnival Sunrise

Carnival Magic (File image courtesy Carnival)

Published Sep 18, 2022 10:57 PM by The Maritime Executive

On September 9, a fight broke out between passengers aboard the cruise ship Carnival Sunrise as the vessel was returning from a Caribbean cruise. 

According to witnesses who described the scene on social media, the fight began after a dispute over whether a passenger had taken another person's chair at the Tides Bar, located on the top deck next to the swimming pool. 

Video footage taken by bystanders appears to show that the altercation began with a shouting match between two groups of women at the bar.

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Later footage shows a male passenger hitting a female passenger on the deck while other passengers attempt to break up the fight. The participants knocked over several deck chairs while pushing each other around.

Carnival's code of conduct forbids disruptive behavior and warns that passengers who affect the safety or well-being of other guests "will be disembarked at their own expense and banned from sailing on Carnival in the future." 

similar fight broke out aboard the Carnival Magic in June. In the early hours of June 28, while the vessel was on her way back to New York City, a large-scale fracas broke out in her nightclub. A group of 40-60 passengers joined into a physical altercation on the dance floor, all captured on video by a bystander at the bar. The footage shows a sole security guard, heavily outnumbered and radioing for backup. The U.S. Coast Guard escorted the vessel back to the pier, where the NYPD was on hand to meet her. No serious injuries were reported.