Video: Ferry Catches Fire Off Central Java

By The Maritime Executive 2017-10-30 16:59:47

On Sunday morning, the ferry Dharma Kencana II caught fire northeast of the Karimunjawa Islands, a marine sanctuary off the coast of Central Java. The crew attempted to fight the blaze, but it got progressively worse, and at 0530 hours the master ordered abandon ship. Nearby merchant vessels diverted to assist, and the ro/pax ship Kirana I carried the Kencana's 119 passengers (including five children) safely to shore. SAR officials said that there were no fatalities, and the evacuation was finished by early afternoon. 

The fire burned through the afternoon, according to the Basarnas search and rescue station. 46 vehicles are reportedly still on board, and authorities plan to bring the vessel into port to offload any surviving cargo and to investigate the circumstances of the fire. The local port authority and the National Transportation Committee (KNKT) will take the lead on the investigation, and they will bring in the Central Java Police if they discover any sign of criminal activity.