Video: Cargo Ship Capsizes at the Pier at Port of Iskenderun

cargo ship rolls losing containers
Sea Eagle resting on her side after losing stability (Turkish Ministry of Transport)

Published Sep 19, 2022 12:11 PM by The Maritime Executive

[Brief]  An Egyptian-owned cargo ship lost stability in the Turkish port of Iskenderun in eastern Turkey on September 18. The Turkish Ministry of Transports said that attempts were made to restabilize the vessel but they were unsuccessful resulting in the vessel rolling onto its side.

The Sea Eagle (4,200 dwt) is a 38-year-old general cargo ship operating between Egypt and Turkey. She had arrived in Iskenderun on September 17 and they were offloading containers with a truck crane. She is 290 feet long and registered in Togo with the voyage having originated in Alexandria, Egypt, and making an interim stop at Mersin, Turkey on September 16.



The Ministry of Transport reports that when it became evident that the ship had lost stability, the Sea Eagle was evacuated. None of the crew suffered any injuries. The vessel rolled onto its port side coming to rest on the seabed.

They retrieved 24 containers from the harbor and a boom was placed around the ship to capture the leaking oil. The Ministry says that efforts are underway to pump the remaining oil from the vessel. They have recovered 63.5 tons of oil from the ship so far. Survey work is underway to determine the possibility of salvage of the vessel.