Video: Boxship Destroys Container Crane at Indonesian Port

Video still via social media

By The Maritime Executive 07-15-2019 02:03:18

On Sunday, the container ship Soul of Luck struck and destroyed a container crane at Semarang, Indonesia, the main seaport for Central Java. The incident involved two ship assist tugs, KT Jayanegara 304 and KT Jayanegara 201, which were helping the container ship with berthing, according to port authority KSOP Tanjung Emas. 

The Soul of Luck struck the crane at about 1710 local time on Sunday. In two bystander videos from the scene, the vessel's port bow slowly makes contact with one leg of the crane, causing the structure to buckle, fall towards shore and then topple sideways. The crane's wreckage crushes at least one container upon impact. 

KSOP Tanjung Emas reported that there were no fatalities and only one minor injury. 

KSOP Tanjung Emas

KSOP Tanjung Emas

KSOP Tanjung Emas

In a separate bystander video, Soul of Luck appears to continue moving down the pier, striking the starboard side of a smaller ship and dragging it along down the quayside. 

KSOP Tanjung Emas is investigating the incident and working with port operator Pelindo III to keep operations running normally.